foundSalina Yoon
(Bloomsbury Children’s Books)

When Bear finds a lost stuffed toy bunny in the forest, he is determined to reunite it with its owner, worried that the bunny is lonely. But while he puts every effort into finding the bunny’s home, he gradually becomes more and more attached to this newfound friend. What will happen when Bunny’s owner is finally found?

A gentle story of burgeoning friendship and selflessness, Found  is a lovely little book which will particularly please toddlers. With its sparse text and bold illustrations, which include a great use of black lines, it is pitched perfectly for developing attention spans. Bear’s conflicting feelings as he yearns to do the right thing while desperate to hold on to Bunny will echo many preschoolers’ experiences, who often struggle with similar feelings. Moose’s ultimate act of kindness conveys a great message about sharing and the importance of being thoughtful.
Found is a compassionate tale about friendship and developing emotional intelligence. It is a heartwarming, clever and effective picturebook which is definitely worth seeking out.


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Source: review copy from publisher