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Some thoughts about reviewing books ….

Library Mice is the result of my professional and personal passion for children’s books.
It is all the love for the books that I purchase, , the books I borrow from the library, and the books that I get sent for review.

Because I do get sent review copies, I think it is fairer that I should have some kind of statement as to what I will and will not review.

* Because I am in it for the love of it, I never ever feel an obligation to review an unsolicited book which is sent to me, regardless of who has sent it. One of the reasons for this is because I get a lot of books sent to me, and as blogging is not my full-time occupation, I am unable to review everything. But also, because I will only review books that I have enjoyed.  I am here to showcase what I think are great books and I am certainly not here to demolish someone’s life work. If I do not like it, I don’t review it.

* I will sometimes request specific titles from publishers and these will always take priority over unsolicited titles. However if I do not like the book once I have read it, I will not feel obliged to review it (see above why).

* Please bear in mind however that I do have a job, a family and other commitments,  which means that sometimes, it might take me a while to post a review.

* I do not review unpublished or self-published material.

* Library Mice concentrates solely on printed works and therefore I do not review e-books.

* Other products than books might be considered for reviews if they make a contribution towards promoting books, book-sharing and reading for pleasure.

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    I am an Children’s Book Author/Illustrator and have two books released this year by Elk Lake Publishing, Inc.
    TYRONE THE TERRIBLE, The Chameleon Who Decided He Was an Alligator, Chapter Book, March 2020, Purple Dragonfly Award.
    I HATE OATMEAL, Picture Book, Illustrator Courtney Smith, August 2020.
    TYRONE THE TERRIBLE is about bullying.
    I HATE OATMEAL is about a picky eater.
    I hope you will review my books.
    Jan Lis

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    tine gregory says:

    My 23- year old son passed away last year, after struggling for years with depression. He was incredibly talented, had Asbergers and sadly suffered very badly for many years. Before he died though, he managed to finish a children’s book he had been working on. And luckily he had sat down with his sister, who together with him laid out a plan for illustrations for his book.
    The week after he died we received a confirmation from Pegasus, that they would publish his book. This finally became a reality in May 2021.

    I was wondering if you would help me to spread the news about his wonderful book. The book is aimed at children between ages about 7- 14 years old. In many cases it could be seen as a self-biography by those who knew Bastian- although the ending in the children’s book is so much more uplifting than it was for him.
    It is a book which I believe many can use as a way to give children hope/belief in themselves alongside some fun history facts great use of the English language and an exciting story.

    It mentions anxiety and worry many times, although not in a very “scary way for children” and the conclusion comes up with a neat way in which to deal with these worries.

    kind regard
    Tine Gregory (Bastian’s mother)

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    My name is Rachael Tarfman-Perez and I am a new children’s picture book author. I self-published my first book, 3 P’s for Potty, a few months ago on Amazon (also Google Books, Barnes & Noble, Lulu, Harper Collins) and am getting ready to release a second book soon. I am a mom of 4 in Orange County, California. It has been a long journey for me since I started working on this project in October of 2019. I don’t always have time to work (since I do it from home after the kids go to sleep), but I do my best. I’m not sure where it will take me but it has been very educational and interesting.

    I found your website because I am looking for influencers that could help me promote my book. It would be really great if you would be willing to read/review my book and possibly do an interview. I would love to talk to you about it. It is a book geared toward families with children ages 2-6 (or maybe older children with learning disorders/Autism). This potty training book focuses on teaching young children what items are appropriate to go into the toilet rather than the traditional books that focus on helping young children feel comfortable with the process. There is humor, bright illustrations, a focus on emotions, and phonemic awareness.

    Please get back to me with your thoughts and/or ideas. I would love to hear from you.

    Thank you!

    Rachael Tarfman-Perez

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    Hello Library Mice!
    I hope you’re doing well!
    My new graphic novel, The Bumble Brothers: Crazy for Comics has just been published. It’s from Reycraft Books, a company totally committed to diversity and telling unique stories.
    Perfect for middle-grade reluctant readers, this book is about nine-year-old twins who are clueless about…EVERYTHING!
    The Junior Library Guild has chosen The Bumble Brothers: Crazy for Comics as a Gold Standard Selection. PW called it “a madcap graphic novel” that “offers a faithful snapshot of the daily lives of two rambunctious, imaginative siblings.”
    If you’d like to take a look as a possibility for your entertaining blog, please give me your address and I’d be glad to mail you a complimentary copy.
    Thank you for your consideration!
    Best regards,

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    My name is Ralph Tufo and my third children’s book ( True Friends Indeed) has now been released by Leaning Rock Press. In the book the Fabulous Surfing Seagulls of Revere Beach teach a lesson in anti-bullying. Can you tell me about the process of getting my book reviewed? Thanks.

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