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The story behind the Art: Júlia Sardà and “The Queen in the Cave”

Júlia Sardà(Walker Studio) When Franca, the eldest of three sisters is suddenly overcome with feelings of restlessness and is and lured by the dark forest beyond the garden, there begins a strange adventure full of unusual encounters and fantastical occurrences. So is the premise of this unique and fascinating picturebook; a pinch of the absurdism …

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BLOG TOUR: You Can’t Take an Elephant on Holiday

You Can’t Take an Elephant on Holiday (Bloombury Children’s Books) is the latest instalment of Patricia Cleveland-Peck’s and David Tazzyman’s “You Can’t Take an Elephant … ” series, which has sold over 200,000 copies!Crazy scenarios of what might happen on a summer holiday are wonderfully depicted thanks to David Tazzyman’s zany artwork and Patricia Cleveland-Peck’s …

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BLOG TOUR: Gender Swapped Fairy Tales

I have always loved feminist fractured fairy tales, of which there are plenty published. But Gender Swapped Fairy Tales by Karrie Fransman and Jonathan Plackett (Faber) is an anthology like no other. Rather than fracture and rewrite the traditional tales, what the creators have done is ‘simply’ switch the genders in each story. Nothing less, …