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BLOG TOUR: “You’re Safe with Me”: The story behind the art

Chitra Soundar (text) & Poonam Mistry (artwork) (Lantana Publishing) It is a dark and stormy night in the Indian jungle and the baby animals are anxious. The wind huffs and puffs, the thunder clatters, the rain falls; no one can sleep, and everyone is a little frightened. Thankfully Mama Elephant is here to console them, with her wise words and …

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Barroux’s “Where’s the …” series

Come and join Barroux on a game of hide-and-seek with a difference! Where’s the Elephant and Where’s the Starfish? (Egmont) are two quasi-wordless picturebooks which carry an incredibly powerful message about the effect Man has on the environment, and more particularly deforestation and sea pollution. Designed in a Where’s Wally? type puzzle book, the hide-and-seek style allows the message behind …

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Carolina Rabei (Child’s Play) Crunch the guinea pig loves his food. A lot. And he spends an awful lot of time eating it. But when Cheddar the mouse turns up uninvited looking for some food. Crunch grumpily refuses despite having plenty and being offered a hug in exchange. Soon after Cheddar leaves, Crunch starts to …

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The Toucan Brothers

Tor Freeman (Macmillan Children’s Books) The Toucan Brothers, Sammy and Paul,  have been dealing with the town’s plumbing issues for many years. For them there is “no job too big, no pipe too small”  Until there is a new plumber on the scene, charismatic Flash Rover, who is faster and cheaper. At first the brothers aren’t worried, trusting their …

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FABULOUS FIVE: Catalina Echeverri presents five fabulous picture books about animals

Catalina Echeverri’s debut picture Lion and Mouse was published earlier this month (see my review here) and I am delighted to welcome her to a Library Mice for our latest Fabulous Five feature.   Catalina is originally from Bogota, Colombia, and she speaks English, Spanish and Italian. She studied graphic design in Milan, Italy and completed an …