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3+ families food Leigh Hodgkinson love parents siblings


Leigh Hodgkinson(Orchard Books) When her dad tells her that every family has its all mix of yummy stuff that makes it special, Sunny McCloud decides that her own family is very much like a sandwich. So she decides to make one in which each ingredient represents a member of her family. But this turns out into a rather boring snack, so Sunny …

11+ Annabel Pitcher bereavement Carnegie Longlist 2012 death families grief RHCBA 2012 siblings terrorism

My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece

Annabel Pitcher(Orion) Five years ago, Jamie’s sister Rose was killed during a series of simultaneous terrorist attacks in London. Overcome by grief, the family has fallen apart: his mum has left the family for a man whom she has met at a victims’ support group, his dad does nothing but drink all day and Rose’s twin …

14+ Hansel and Gretel Hansel and Gretel Week Jackson Pearce orphans relationships siblings werewolves


Jackson Pearce(Hodder Children’s Books) When they were children , Gretchen’s identical twin sister was snatched while they and older brother Ansel were walking in the forest. Nobody knows what happened to her, but Gretchen vividly remembers being hunted by something big with yellow eyes and has always assumed  it was the witch that, according to legend, lived around …

adoption disability fostering hospital orphans Picture Book Carousel picture books Rebecca Elliott siblings


I came across Rebecca Elliott’s first book for Lion Children’s Books, Just Because, quite late, as it was first published last year. When I finally found out about it, two further books were already on the way to being published. These three books,which I am focusing on today are beautifully crafted, but also touch on some very tough social …

9+ adventure E.D. Baker fairy tales girls Hansel and Gretel humour love Princess and the Pea princesses Rapunzel RHCBA testing 2011 siblings Sleeping Beauty

The Wide-Awake Princess

E.D. Baker(Bloomsbury Children’s Books) What if Sleeping Beauty wasn’t an only child? What if she had a younger sister whose only gift from the fairies was that she could not be touched by magic, and that in fact magic recoiled from her? Princess Annabelle has not had a great childhood; her family hold a distance …

3+ cause and effect consequences German literature humour in translation Lilli L'Arronge picture books siblings

Banana Skin Chaos!

Lilli L’Arrongetranslated by Daniela Bernardelle(Bloomsbury Children’s Books) When a little boy throws his banana skin onto the pavement, he has no idea the chain of events that can ensue this simple, albeit naughty, action. Thankfully his sister witnesses the scene and is quick at explaining the potential chaos that it could create. But her descriptions …