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9+ Alice 150th Cathy Cassidy

Looking Glass Girl

Cathy Cassidy Cover illustration and artwork by Erin Keen (Puffin) Alice, Yaz and Elaine have always been best friends. Until the end of year 6, when Alice is chosen to be the lead in the school production of Alice in Wonderland, and consequently also gets offered a place in a drama group. She is also …

9+ blog tours

BLOG TOUR: Egmont’s 9+ Readers

“Middle-grade fiction” as  it is called in the USA, or 9-12 fiction as we tend to call it here still gets little press coverage, which is why I was so pleased to be invited to join Egmont’s  9+ authors blog tour. So today I am delighted to welcome Sophia McDougall, Jason Rohan, Jane Hardstaff and Jamie …