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The Rhyming Rabbit

Julia Donaldson (text) & Lydia Monks (illustrations)(Macmillan Children’s Books) The Rhyming Rabbit might have a way with words, always so inspired that he can’t help blurt out a sonnet or limerick, but the other rabbits are certainly not seeing it that way. Especially when he always seems to be at his most creative at the most inconvenient times! Feeling rather unappreciated …

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Rapunzel Week (3): Falling for Rapunzel

Leah Wilcox (text) & Lydia Monks (illustrations)(Puffin) Once upon a bad hair day, a prince rode up Rapunzel’s way.“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, throw down your hair!”She thought he said, “Your underwear” If you are looking for a humorous take on the traditional fairy-tale, this one is definitely the one for you. Hard-of-hearing Rapunzel becomes increasingly confused when …