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PICTURE BOOK CAROUSEL: Vive la Différence!

Two picture books on individuality, diversity, and acceptance, yet two very different stories. Which one will be your favourite? Bugs in a BlanketBeatrice Alemagna“Au pays des petits poux”, translated by Anthea Bell(Phaidon Press) In an old blanket live a whole colony of bugs. But each little bug lives in its own little hole, alone, with …

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SPOOKY READS FOR HALLOWEEN (9): Hubble Bubble Granny Trouble

Tracey Corduroy (text) & Joe Berger (illustrations)(Nosy Crow) What if your granny was a little bit “out there”? What if people stared at her in the street when you are out shopping with her? What if your friends found her really cool, while you just found her just a little bit embarrassing? And what if …

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The Rhyming Rabbit

Julia Donaldson (text) & Lydia Monks (illustrations)(Macmillan Children’s Books) The Rhyming Rabbit might have a way with words, always so inspired that he can’t help blurt out a sonnet or limerick, but the other rabbits are certainly not seeing it that way. Especially when he always seems to be at his most creative at the most inconvenient times! Feeling rather unappreciated …