Joanna Walsh (text) & Judi Abbot (illustrations)

(Simon & Schuster)

Everyone loves kisses, don’t they? That’s what a little penguin is trying to find out, so he goes around checking what kind of kisses others enjoy and from rabbits kissing on noses to worms kissing underground, from kisses with lipstick to night-night kisses,  everyone seems to have their favourite! But what is the best kiss of all? Of course, it has to be a mummy’s kiss and the penguin’s own mummy is more than happy to oblige.

This is a delightful, heart-warming bedtime story which will enchant little readers. The illustrations are soft and snuggly
and they complement the mood of the book. The text is a little clumsy at times and therefore doesn’t always flow but this is easily overcome after a couple of goes at reading the text the whole way through.
This story begs for audience participation and with all these different kisses parents and children alike will undoubtedly take great delight in joining in the kissing . Some added humour allows the book never to fall into soppiness and the young audience also will enjoy spotting the little penguin in the illustrations.

This is a lovely story which has the potential of becoming of firm favourite and a recurring bedtime read in many a households.
A great gift for little ones!