A friend of ours has just a little baby. It can be hard to find a gift for a baby, especially when you know it already has everything it needs. Except books, because let’s face it, one can never have too many books (but what happenswhen there is no more shelf space .. this tragedy is looming dangerously in my household).

Anyway, so I decided to present this baby with her first library, and this is what we are giving her:

I tried to go for a mix of classics and things that we have enjoyed. My kids were big fans of What Shall We Do with the Boo-hoo Baby? when they were little. Unfortunately it seems to have gone out-of-print as I could only find it through Amazon Marketplace. I really encourage you to seek it out if you don’t know it already.

We have put it in a little basket, added a Very Hungry caterpillar teether toy and here we are the perfect gift to welcome a little bookworm-to-be into the world!