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National Non-Fiction Day non-fiction Tracey Turner

NATIONAL NON-FICTION DAY: Guest Post from Tracey Turner

Today I am delighted to welcome Tracey Turner, non-fiction author extraordinaire (including The Comic Strip Big Fat Book of Knowledge which I reviewed here) to Library Mice to talk about non-fiction on this very special day! Happy National Non-Fiction Day to all! ***** Celebrating Non-Fiction by Tracey Turner There’s a lot to celebrate about children’s …

7+ Ancient Greece comics history myths National Non-Fiction Day non-fiction Sally Kindberg science space Tracey Turner

The Comic Strip Big Fat Book of Knowledge

Tracey Turner (text) & Sally Kindberg (illustrations)(Bloomsbury Children’s Books) This big (and indeed fat!) book combines The Comic Strip History of The World, The Comic History of Space and The Comic Strip Greek Myths in one volume. If you have not come across this series before, The Comic Strip offers a great overview of its …

interview National Non-Fiction Day non-fiction Philip Ardagh

Non-Fiction Focus Week: An interview with Philip Ardagh!

IT’S NATIONAL NON-FICTION DAY!!! The day has finally come and I felt very honoured to intereview the amazing Philip Ardagh for this very special occasion! You have written both fiction and non-fiction books abundantly. How different are the experiences of writing? Which is the more fun? All writing is about communicating ideas — whether factual …

adult books National Non-Fiction Day non-fiction parents Paul Jennings reading

Non-Fiction Focus Week: The Reading Bug

Paul Jennings(Penguin)Ever since doing my masters in librarianship, I have enjoyed reading non-fiction books on reading and reading development. What I like particularly about The Reading Bug is that it is very accessible and easy-to-read, as it was primarily written with parents in mind as a practical guide to help their offspring to learn to love and …

comics Dave Smith history Horrible Histories humour National Non-Fiction Day non-fiction Terry Deary tudors

Non-Fiction Focus Week: Tudors: A High-Speed History

Terry Deary (text) & Dave Smith (illustrations)(Scholastic) The Horrible Histories books have sold in their millions. They are amongst the most successful non-fiction series for youngsters ever published, if not the most successful. It is easily to see why; Terry Deary manages to make history exciting, with humour, gore and sometimes very obscure but accurate …