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The Owl and the Pussycat

Edward Lear, Angela McAllister (text) & Kevin Waldron (illustrations)(Simon & Schuster)The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea,In a Beautiful pea-green boat,They took some honey,and plenty of money,Wrapped up in a five pound note.This classic nonsense rhyme needs no introduction but in this new edition Edward Lear’s wacky tale is given a new leap of life thanks to Angela …

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Losing It

Keith Gray (editor)(Andersen Press) Losing It. Your virginity. When, how and with whom is what most (all!) teenagers obssess about, constantly, until they have done it. Twenty years ago, we talked about it a lot, but not many acted on it until a little bit later. These days, things have changed and this collection of short …

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You Can’t Eat a Princess!

Gillian Rogerson (text) & Sarah McIntyre (illustrations) (Scholastic) It is Princess Spaghetti’s’ birthday party and all is set and ready to go: the giant chocolate cake, the chocolate milkshake, the chocolate spread sandwiches (notice a theme here?). But where is her father, King Cupcake?  He has been kidnapped by aliens! Nobody seems to want to …