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Magical Mix-Ups: Birthdays and Bridesmaids

Marnie Edwards (text) & Leigh Hodgkinson (illustrations)(Nosy Crow) Princess Sapphire and Emerald the Witch, who live in Mixtopia, a land where everything is a little bit topsy–turvy.  In this first adventure, the two friends are invited to a wedding party in Fairyland. After deciding upon their gladrags, the girls are on their way, it looks …

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BOOKSTART 20: Our twenty favourite books to share

  I’ll happily admit that I go on about Bookstart a lot. I talked about it a little bit here, when the government first announced they were cutting the funding to Booktrust’s bookgifting schemes.Bookstart is 20 years old this year, having been first established in 1992, though it did not become a national scheme until roughly 2000. You can …

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The Loon on the Moon

Chae Strathie (text) & Emily Golden (illustrations) (Scholastic) The Loon, a creature which ressembles a mad-looking blue rabbit, lives on the moon and every night he collects children’s dreams which he then uses as “dream steam” to power the engines that light the lightbulbs that make the moon glow! But one evening he zooms down to Earth only …