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GUEST POST: Ella Burfoot on the inspiration behind Recipe for a Story

I am delighted to welcome Ella Burfoot to Library Mice today. I have long admired her work, since Darkness Slipped In was released, (you can read my review of another of her books, Betty and the Yeti, here) and I have been awaiting her return with anticipation. Her latest book, Recipe for a Story (Macmillan Children’s …

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Emily Gravett(Macmillan Children’s Books) It is nearly bedtime for Cedric the dragon but there is just enough time for a quick story. Unfortunately for his mum, Cedric has a favourite book which he wants read again, and again, and again. When Mum fails to deliver, Cedric goes all tantrumy on her, with incendiary consequences! A new Emily …

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It’s a Book

Lane Smith(Macmillan Children’s Books) A jackass (read donkey) and an ape (and a little mouse, hidden under his hat!) are sitting, reading. The ape has a book, the jackass a laptop. When the jackass enquires about the ape’s “gadget”, he is surprised to hear that it doesn’t have any gimmicks … just a good old-fashioned book, with pages …

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The Loon on the Moon

Chae Strathie (text) & Emily Golden (illustrations) (Scholastic) The Loon, a creature which ressembles a mad-looking blue rabbit, lives on the moon and every night he collects children’s dreams which he then uses as “dream steam” to power the engines that light the lightbulbs that make the moon glow! But one evening he zooms down to Earth only …