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Picturebook of the Week monthly recap: February

  I Don’t Want Curly Hair Laura Ellen Anderson (Bloomsbury Children’s Books) We have all gone through it, wanting to have or be something which is not remotely attainable. In the case of this  ingenious little heroine, it is her curly hair she abhors and she is certainly resourceful when attempting to get rid of …

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Picturebook Carousel: 2017 Greenaway Medal Longlist (1)

This is a particularly exciting year for the Greenaway Medal, with a variety of formats recognised in the top 20, including several non-fiction titles, which is most welcome. I will be doing short reviews of all top 20 titles in the run-up to the shortlist announcement on 16 March, and here is the first installment. …

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It’s a Book

Lane Smith(Macmillan Children’s Books) A jackass (read donkey) and an ape (and a little mouse, hidden under his hat!) are sitting, reading. The ape has a book, the jackass a laptop. When the jackass enquires about the ape’s “gadget”, he is surprised to hear that it doesn’t have any gimmicks … just a good old-fashioned book, with pages …