recipebedtimePeter Bently (text) & Sarah Massini (illustrations)
(Hodder Children’s Books)

Bedtime can be a time in the day where tempers are frayed – tired babies and tired parents together are often more of a recipe for stress than success. Yet, a bedtime routine full of tenderness, cuddles and stories makes a happy baby, and more importantly for parents, a sleepy baby! A Recipe for Bedtime invites us to share the bedtime routine of a baby and his cuddly friends. From teatime and all the way to a last lullaby, Sarah Massini’s gorgeous and gentle artwork takes us on a baby’ journey to bed. With its soft colours and cuddly characters, it is perfect for the targeted audience, as well as conveying perfectly the calm atmosphere needed at bedtime.

The charming artwork is teamed with Peter Bently’s wonderful succinct rhyming text, which is again perfect for the intended audience; it is short, dynamic and recalls daily occurrences that toddlers will recognise – bath, tea, storytime etc. It works perfectly as a read-aloud and offers a tender “soundtrack” to the bedtime routine, particularly as it concludes with a lullaby.

A Recipe for Bedtime is  perfect for bedtime reading and  with its padded cover and lovely packaging, it will make a really lovely gift for a toddler.


You can buy a copy of A Recipe for Bedtime here.

Source: review copy from publisher