Giles Andreae (text) & Sarah McIntyre (illustrations)
(David Fickling Books)
Meet Morris:
He feeds off the snotty green bogies
That lurk up his big hairy nose
And sometimes he nibbles the poisonous mould
Which he scrapes off the ends of his toes
Revolting isn’t it? This book claims to be the most revolting book of the year, and it’s not wrong! Morris is all about dung, scabs, pustules, fleas and all the rest! But he is still a very cute monster, and as you well know, the grosser the better as far as kids are concerned!
This is a great new picture book written by the ever so talented Giles Andreae (we have so many of his books at home!) and illustrated by Sarah McIntyre (who drew Vern & Lettuce in The DFC). It has fantastic rhyming text, and Morris gets more and more gross as the story develops until … well, I won’t tell you the ending but all I can say is that this is an amazing book for reading it out-loud which will have you little ones in stitches. You will have to read this over and over again, so be prepared!

I was lucky enough to be in the audience when David Fickling himself read it during the FCBG annual conference and this was a pretty special moment indeed!

Aww, he’s cute though , isn’t he?