Lauren Child

After seeing the state of Marv’s big brother’s room, Lola decides to throw out all the things she has been keeping. But Charlie offers to start recycling them instead, to which Lola answers “Recycle it? What is that?”. As they set to recycle paper, bottles etc, Charlie explains to Lola all about recycling and how important it is. Lola then decides to have the whole school involved so they can enter a competition to win a tree.

Part of the “Charlie and Lola” series taken from the TV animation series (as opposed to the original Charlie and Lola books written by Lauren Child), this is a great little book packed full of information about recycling disguised into a fun story. The book includes a sticker tree counter chart to keep track of your recycling. It is a great introduction to recycling for little ones, and what better way to do than through this ever so popular comic duo?

For some more activities around the book, go to Charlie and Lola’s Looking After Your Planet page.

Today is World Environment Day.