Tasha Pym (text) & Joel Stewart (illustrations)
(Picture Corgi)

How is a little boy supposed to enjoy a grand day out when every time he ventures out for something fun to do, he is rudely interrupted by some very mischievous creature? Poor Oscar can’t seem to catch a break!
First it’s the Sneep spoiling his rather lovely looking picnic, then a Snook preventing him from doing some rather ambitious reading (wouldn’t you just love that trolley though?), and so it goes on until his entire day is spoilt and Oscar is absolutely worn-out! He needs a safe place to stay, and once he realises the reader lives in a creature-free world, he makes a very hasty decision …

What always strikes me with Joel Stewart’s work is his ability to create quirky, unusual-looking creatures. So I think he was the perfect candidate to work out what a Sneep and all its merry friends would look like! The slight wash-out look of the illustrations gives the story a dreamy atmosphere which is perfect. The rhyming text is engaging and Oscar’s constant bewilderment that he seems to be the only one making such unfortunate encounters is hilarious.

This is a really enjoyable and unusual little story which is perfect for bedtime, as it will work wonders at making its young audience feel safe; they will be glad to know they live in a world with none of those naughty creatures!