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14+ Alex Scarrow British Books Challenge fantasy Red House Children's Book Award RHCBA awards 2011 science-fiction time-travelling


Alex Scarrow(Puffin) Liam O’Connor (1912), Maddy Carter (2010), Sal Vikram (2026). Three teenagers, living decades away from each other are suddenly thrown together in a small room near Brooklyn Bridge, in September 2001. They have one things in common: all three should have died, all three were given the choice to turn away from their …

11+ Andy Mulligan dumpsite boys poverty Red House Children's Book Award RHCBA awards 2011 slums South America thrillers


Andy Mulligan(David Fickling Books) Raphael, Gardo and Jun-Jun are dumpsite boys. They spend all day sorting through piles of rubbish and the huge landfill site which is also their home, hoping to find, amongst the human excrement, bits and bobs that they can sell on. When Raphael finds a small leather pouch containing some money as well as some …

7+ bereavement families hamsters Hannah Shaw humour Katie Davies pets Red House Children's Book Award RHCBA awards 2011 thrillers

The Great Hamster Massacre

Katie Davieswith illustrations by Hannah Shaw(Simon & Schuster Children’s Books) It is a new school year and Anna has been asked to write a report on her summer holidays. Her mum wants her to “embellish” the truth but no, Anna wants to write about what really happened, and that, is the bloody massacre of her …

3+ Holly Clifton-Brown knitting owls picture books Red House Children's Book Award RHCBA awards 2011

Annie Hoot and the Knitting Extravaganza

Holly Clifton-Brown(Andersen Press) Annie Hoot is a lovely kind little owl, albeit a bit scatty, who lives deep into the woods. She always gets really enthusiastic about things, and her new thing is knitting! And so she knits, day and night, all sorts of garments in all sorts of pattern. But the other owls are not interested …

9+ Afghanistan asylym seekers British Books Challenge dogs friendship immigration Michael Morpurgo RHCBA awards 2011 Taliban war


Michael Morpurgowith illustrations by Christian Birmingham(Harpercollins Children’s Books) When Matt goes to spend the summer with his grandfather and his dog, he has no idea that he is very close to his friend Aman, who was suddenly taken from his home with his mother weeks ago and is now imprisoned in a nearby detention centre, Yarl’s Wood, …

picture books. fiction Red House Children's Book Award RHCBA awards 2011

Red House Children’s Book Awards 2011 shortlists

Younger ChildrenGilbert the Hero ~ Jane Clarke & Charles FugeAnnie Hoot and the Knitting Extravaganza ~ Holly Clifton-BrownYuck! That’s Not A Monster! ~ Angela McAllister & Alison EdgsonDragon Stew ~ Steve Smallman & Lee Wildish   Younger Readers The Great Hamster Massacre ~ Katie Davies Time Train to the Blitz ~ Sophie McKenzie Shadow ~ Michael Morpurgo …