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Picturebook of the Week monthly recap: March

Virginia Wolf Kyo Maclear (text) & Isabelle Arsenault (artwork) (Book Island) Based on Virginia Woolf and her sister Vanessa Bell’s childhood, this  is a superb story of a sister’s fight to help her sibling battle depression, through the power of love and art. The visual metaphors of changing moods are striking, such as the use of …

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Picturebook Carousel: 2017 Greenaway Medal Longlist (4)

  The Journey Francesca Sanna (Flying Eye Books) The Journey explores the very current and heart-wrenching theme of people fleeing their war-torn home in a way that is pitched perfectly at the intended audience. Using traditional fairy-tale imagery (folksy artwork, dark forests, ogre-like figures etc), Sanna creates a narrative which deals with a powerful theme while …

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Picturebook Carousel: 2017 Greenaway Medal Longlist (3)

Return Aaron Becker (Walker Books) Return is a spectacular culmination to the story told in the incredibly imaginative trilogy which began with Journey, (see the guest post by Aaron Becker here). A little girl, ignored by her father who is hard at work drawing (incidentally), uses her red pencil to open a door to an …

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Picturebook of the Week monthly recap: February

  I Don’t Want Curly Hair Laura Ellen Anderson (Bloomsbury Children’s Books) We have all gone through it, wanting to have or be something which is not remotely attainable. In the case of this  ingenious little heroine, it is her curly hair she abhors and she is certainly resourceful when attempting to get rid of …

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FRENCH FRIDAY FABULOUS FIVE! Marianne Dubuc presents Five Fabulous Books About Friendship

Today I am thrilled to welcome Marianne Dubuc for a French Friday/Fabulous Five mash-up, so to speak. Marianne is from Québec and is the author and illustrator of the internationally acclaimed The Lion and the Bird, published by Book Island and translated from French by translator extraordinaire Sarah Ardizzone. The Lion and the Bird tells the story of an unlikely …

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FABULOUS FIVE: “Five picturebooks that surprise me” by Rilla Alexander

  Bright, bold, colourful and full of contagious energy would be one way of describing Rilla Alexander for Flying Eye books, The Best Book in the World and Her Idea. Both books are beautifully produced, and have that graphic design look and edge which will make them a success both with children and adults alike. While …

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Carolina Rabei (Child’s Play) Crunch the guinea pig loves his food. A lot. And he spends an awful lot of time eating it. But when Cheddar the mouse turns up uninvited looking for some food. Crunch grumpily refuses despite having plenty and being offered a hug in exchange. Soon after Cheddar leaves, Crunch starts to …