Nicola Killen

A group of little loveable scoundrels are creating havoc at home. But when asked about the potential culprit every time mess is discovered, each and every one innocently denies any involvement. But clues are left on the page so little readers can plainly see who really is to blame! But who is going to clean and tidy up? It definitely won’t beJess the pup, who after witnessing all the mischief is definitely ready for a nap!

This is Nicola Killen’s first book, published by Egmont today, and it is utterly charming. I first heard about the book after seeing a an A4 spread about it in The Children’s Bookseller and straight-away was drawn to the illustrations which are simple and utterly gorgeous. I particularly love the colour scheme which brings a lot of warmth onto the pages. But the artwork also conveys a real sense of mischief, which is beautifully mirrored in the text! The text is very simple and short and is perfect for a very young audience, but its rhyming structure makes it also attractive to a much wider audience (for example 5, 7 and 35 year-olds!!!). I really enjoyed the sense of happy naughtiness that oozes out of the pages and I very much look forward to seeing what Nicola has in store for us next!