meettheparentsFIPeter Bently (text) & Sarah Ogilvie (illustrations)
(Simon & Schuster Children’s Books)

Sometimes it just feels like parents are only here to nag, nag, nag. But actually if you start to think about it, parents can be quite useful: they mend broken things, they are always around to wipe your hands on, you can sit on them, they even apologize on your behalf! And that’s before you even start on cuddles and tickles! So, in fact, they might just be … indispensable.

A wonderfully witty, funny, yet heart-warming and comforting ode to the many wonders of parents (and parenting), Meet the Parents  will be an instant hit with both children and their carers, who will both undoubtedly recognize themselves in many of the family scenes depicted.

Peter Bently’s rhyming text is flawless, fun and with perfect scansion, which allows the text to have maximum comical impact. This is teamed with Sarah Olgivie’s artwork, which is always incredibly vibrant and conveys the chaos of family life perfectly, with each familiar situation is cleverly observed,  with wit and warmth.


Meet the Parents is a gleeful celebration of family life, bedlam and tender moments alike, and will be much loved by all in the family. Expect choruses of “Again!” at bedtime (and that’s just the parents!).

Source: review copy from publisher

All artwork © Sarah Ogilvie