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3+ adventure Alan Durant consequences humour jungles picture books Simon Rickerty


Alan Durant (text) & Simon Rickerty (illustrations)(Orchard Books) One bright, sunny day, a boy was walking happily through the jungle whistling.When you are walking through a jungle, some unexpected things can happen. Unfortunately, sometimes they are bad things, like rather scary encounters. Fortunately, sometimes they are good things, like playing tricks on those scary creatures and escaping. But what …

3+ adventure Anne Cottringer dinosaurs imagination picture books RHCBA testing 2010 robbers sarah mcintyre trains travelling writing

When Titus Took the Train

Anne Cottringer (text) & Sarah McIntyre (illustrations)(Oxford University Press) Titus is going on a train journey all by himself, all the way to “very far way” where his Uncle Henry will be meeting him off the train. But what looks like it might be a long tedious journey turns out be a rather exciting adventure when Titus is …

3+ adventure castles cats knights Kristina Stephenson picture books RHCBA testing 2010 Spooky Reads for Halloween

Spooky Reads (6): Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Really Dreadful Spell

Kristina Stephenson (Egmont) Someone has cast a spell over the tower and has turned the princess, her favourite monster and the wily witch to stone. Only Charlie can save them but he is far, far away … but thankfully has just realised that he forgot his trusty sword at the foot of the tower so …

7+ adventure dinosaurs food Paris Rupert Kingfisher Sue Hellard time-travelling

Madame Pamplemousse and the Time-Travelling Café

Rupert Kingfisher (text) & Sue Hellard (illustrations)(Bloomsbury) The city of Paris and its treasures (its architecture, shops, cafés and anything remotely old or cultural) are under threat; a new government, with a modernising, terrorising and dictatorial President at its head, is planning to destroy the city and make its inhabitants miserable. Everything remotely pleasant has …

3+ adventure Angela McAllister babies love books Booktrust 2011 Best New Illustrators classics Edward Lear friendhip Kevin Waldron poetry verse

The Owl and the Pussycat

Edward Lear, Angela McAllister (text) & Kevin Waldron (illustrations)(Simon & Schuster)The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea,In a Beautiful pea-green boat,They took some honey,and plenty of money,Wrapped up in a five pound note.This classic nonsense rhyme needs no introduction but in this new edition Edward Lear’s wacky tale is given a new leap of life thanks to Angela …

5+ adventure Jonny Duddle monsters pirates

The Pirate-Cruncher

Jonny Duddle(Templar) Captain Purplebeard and his crew of scary-looking pirates are hungry for treasure so when a gaunt-looking fiddle player wanders into the inn they are “refreshing” themselves at, singing about a buried treasure on a mysterious desert island, this grabs their attention straight away and they start dreaming about what they might do with such a find. …