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FRENCH FRIDAY: Hélène Druvert & “Paris Up, Up and Away”

Take a night flight  in the Parisian skies alongside the Eiffel Tower , and enjoy the stunning sights. From bridges over the Seine to Notre Dame, from the Opéra to Paris’ famous department stores, Paris Up Up and Away (Paris s’envole, translated by Jill Phythian) is Hélène Druvert’s début picturebook and is a paean to the Ville Lumière, …

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Two picture books about Paris have really caught my eye this year. They are very different in their storyline, though the theme of journey is at the core of both, and both are esthetically wonderful. Henri’s Walk to ParisLeonore Klein (text) & Saul Bass (illustrations) (Universe) Henri lives in a small town, with all its tweeness, but …

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Alex T. Smith(Scholastic Children’s Books) Ella, the bespectacled ladybird, is forever cleaning up after her two nasty and ungrateful wasp stepsisters Belladonna and Ivy. One day, a famous artist named Pierre in need of inspiration decides to throw a ball in Paris on Valentine’s Day. When the invitation to the Grand Bug Ball lands on the door mat for the wasp sisters,  they are sure …

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Madame Pamplemousse and the Time-Travelling Café

Rupert Kingfisher (text) & Sue Hellard (illustrations)(Bloomsbury) The city of Paris and its treasures (its architecture, shops, cafés and anything remotely old or cultural) are under threat; a new government, with a modernising, terrorising and dictatorial President at its head, is planning to destroy the city and make its inhabitants miserable. Everything remotely pleasant has …