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3+ counting Mike Brownlow pirates Simon Rickerty

Ten Little Pirates

Mike Brownlow (text) & Simon Rickerty (illustrations) (Orchard Books) Ten little pirates, sailing out to sea, Looking for adventure as happy as can be. So begins the hugely entertaining pirate romp of ten little pirates who as they go on an adventure across the rocky seas seem to be gradually losing their mateys. Albatrosses, hurricanes, and even …

3+ adventure gillian rogerson picture books pirates princesses rollerskating sarah mcintyre treasures

You Can’t Scare a Princess!

Gillian Rogerson (text) & Sarah McIntyre (illustrations)(Scholastic) When King Cupcake is captured by a crew of the baddest, meanest pirates in the whole wide word, there is only one person fit to go and rescue him: his daughter, feisty and fearless Princess Spaghetti! Captain Waffle may think he is the boldest pirate to sail the seas, …

5+ adventure Jonny Duddle monsters pirates

The Pirate-Cruncher

Jonny Duddle(Templar) Captain Purplebeard and his crew of scary-looking pirates are hungry for treasure so when a gaunt-looking fiddle player wanders into the inn they are “refreshing” themselves at, singing about a buried treasure on a mysterious desert island, this grabs their attention straight away and they start dreaming about what they might do with such a find. …