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NNFN 2020 The Planet We Share: From Tiny Seeds

Émilie Vast‘Plantes vagabondes’ translated from French(Thames & Hudson) Subtitled “The amazing story of how plants travel”, this visually stunning book from French creator Émilie Vast illustrates seed dispersal and the role of each featured seed plays in its ecosystem. The book showcases 10 different journeys, from ‘flying’, ‘floating’, to ‘being eaten’ and finally ‘helped by …

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BLOG TOUR: “You’re Safe with Me”: The story behind the art

Chitra Soundar (text) & Poonam Mistry (artwork) (Lantana Publishing) It is a dark and stormy night in the Indian jungle and the baby animals are anxious. The wind huffs and puffs, the thunder clatters, the rain falls; no one can sleep, and everyone is a little frightened. Thankfully Mama Elephant is here to console them, with her wise words and …

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About rivers …

Two beautiful picturebooks which focus on rivers and their surroundings were published earlier this year. The River, written by Patricia Hegarty and illustrated by Hanako Clulow (Caterpillar Books) follows the epic journey of a little fish from the fresh waters created by melting snow at the top of mountains to the vast ocean. Aimed at preschool children, …

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Barroux’s “Where’s the …” series

Come and join Barroux on a game of hide-and-seek with a difference! Where’s the Elephant and Where’s the Starfish? (Egmont) are two quasi-wordless picturebooks which carry an incredibly powerful message about the effect Man has on the environment, and more particularly deforestation and sea pollution. Designed in a Where’s Wally? type puzzle book, the hide-and-seek style allows the message behind …

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All Around the World

Géraldine Cosneau“Panoramas du monde”(Tate Publishing)This wonderful wide format picture book is in fact an activity book. It contains eight fold-out panoramic scenes of different landscapes (The African Savannah, The Sahara Desert, The Countryside, The North American Forest, The Amazon Rainforest, The Tropical Sea, The Australian Outback, and The Arctic) and over four hundred reusable stickers (“gommettes” in French, very popular …

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Christopher Nibble

Charlotte Middleton (Oxford University Press) Christopher Nibble and the other guinea-pigs of Dandeville love nothing more than nibbling on dandelion leaves. All day, all you can hear in Dandeville is the sound of munching … until, because of all these greedy guinea-pigs, the dandelions start to run out! Soon, dandelion leaves are disappearing off menus and fetch …