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Guinea Pigs Online

Jennifer Gray & Amanda Swift, with artwork by Sarah Horne(Quercus) Fuzzy and Coco the guinea-pigs live a rather uneventful together since their respective owners have got married. Coco likes to spend her time pampering herself, while Fuzzy spends his time cooking and is desperate to become a chef. When Fuzzy discovers that celebrity chef Scarlet Cleaver’s ad in the …

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Christopher Nibble

Charlotte Middleton (Oxford University Press) Christopher Nibble and the other guinea-pigs of Dandeville love nothing more than nibbling on dandelion leaves. All day, all you can hear in Dandeville is the sound of munching … until, because of all these greedy guinea-pigs, the dandelions start to run out! Soon, dandelion leaves are disappearing off menus and fetch …