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3+ adventure Alan Durant consequences humour jungles picture books Simon Rickerty


Alan Durant (text) & Simon Rickerty (illustrations)(Orchard Books) One bright, sunny day, a boy was walking happily through the jungle whistling.When you are walking through a jungle, some unexpected things can happen. Unfortunately, sometimes they are bad things, like rather scary encounters. Fortunately, sometimes they are good things, like playing tricks on those scary creatures and escaping. But what …

3+ cause and effect consequences German literature humour in translation Lilli L'Arronge picture books siblings

Banana Skin Chaos!

Lilli L’Arrongetranslated by Daniela Bernardelle(Bloomsbury Children’s Books) When a little boy throws his banana skin onto the pavement, he has no idea the chain of events that can ensue this simple, albeit naughty, action. Thankfully his sister witnesses the scene and is quick at explaining the potential chaos that it could create. But her descriptions …