Lilli L’Arronge
translated by Daniela Bernardelle(Bloomsbury Children’s Books)

When a little boy throws his banana skin onto the pavement, he has no idea the chain of events that can ensue this simple, albeit naughty, action. Thankfully his sister witnesses the scene and is quick at explaining the potential chaos that it could create. But her descriptions become increasingly hilarious and ludicrous.

Sometimes a picture book does not need many words to speak a thousand stories. Banana Skin Chaos!, which focuses on how small actions can have humongous consequences,  is definitely one of those. The text is very scarce but the detailed, action-packed illustrations tell so much that this will be a book children will spend a lot of time pouring over all the details and all the accidents or accidents-waiting-to-happen within the illustrations.
The artwork is bold and bright, slightly comic-like, and even in the most packed scenes, it remains very clear and attractive. I loved the increasingly mischievous look on the sister’s face: as the story progresses, what starts as a warning to her brother obviously becomes a wild fantasy of chaotic bliss!

There are a few questions at the end of the book to help young readers focus on details they might not have noticed before and adults will undoubtedly be able to make up plenty more.
Banana Skin Chaos! is not so much a bedtime story, but a great tool to get children children talking about what is going on the page and make up stories of their own. I think it can also be a great tool for older children to study illustration and how powerful it is at conveying unspoken action!

Banana Skin Chaos! is great fun and will be thoroughly enjoyed by fans of slapstick humour and those who love spending time looking at illustration.

All illustrations Ó Lilli L’Arronge 

Many thanks to Bloomsbury Children’s Book for sending me a review copy of “Banana Skin Chaos!”