AnnaLaura Cantone(Campbell Books)

If you are scared of monsters, there is no need to be for the monsters in AnnaLaura Cantone’s book are scared of the dark, like sparkly things and occasionally also wear frilly pink tutus!

This is a perfect book for the youngest of readers for a nightmare-free Halloween! The monsters are 100% non-threatening and not even remotely scary. In fact it will not only be a great story for lovers of all things yucky, but also for those young readers who may have trouble going to sleep because their imagination is running wild or are having night terrors. If you can’t convince them that monsters don’t exist, at least you might be able to reassure them that they are just silly creatures!

The fantastic touch-and-feel elements on every page add to the fun and there is a gaggingly-awful smelly ending (but my kids loved it!).

AnnaLaura Cantone is an Italian illustrator who is well established in France and I have always loved her slightly-messy and wacky style. I am glad to see some her work finally available here.

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