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PICTURE BOOK CAROUSEL: board books for little ones

    There are plenty of things to discover and explore in the brightly coloured pages of Baby Touch: Busy Baby (Ladybird), encouraged by lots of touch-and-feel patches on the pages. This is a large format board book perfect for sharing, and it comes with an accompanying CD which includes ten instrumental tracks. We have always been …

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Two beautiful board books from Petr Horáček

Walker books has just published two beautiful board books from acclaimed author/illustrator Petr Horáček as part of their baby-friendly series Baby Walker: Flip-Flap Fun. Horáček has had great success with board books before and as he explains on Playing by the Book, they require a different kind of skill to writing “regular” picture books (you can read the fascinating …

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The Noisy Book

Soledad Bravi“Le livre des bruits”(Gecko Press) Babies and toddlers love the interaction that pointing at pictures in books, waiting for a reaction from adult readers, brings. And let’s face it, adults love making silly noises to babies and toddlers. The Noisy Book combines both marvellously. This chunky (over 100 pages!) board book offers a huge selection of noises waiting to …

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Janik Coat“Mon hippopotame”(Abrams Appleseed) Hippopposites is beautiful large format board book about which uses a hippo to illustrate concepts of opposites. The format of the book is traditional: each double spread offers a pair of opposites. There are some expected pairing of words (small/large, full/empty) and some rather more unusual ones (opaque/transparent, free/caged) which definitely sets this book apart from many …

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I Like Peas

Lorena Siminovich (Templar Publishing) I Like Peas is one of two new titles from Petit Collage, a touch and feel board book collection from Templar Publishing.  This particular title uses the theme of vegetables and vegetable-growing  to illustrate some simple example of opposites: above-below (carrot), inside-outside (peas), tall-short (corn), big-small (pumpkin), empty-full (vegetable basket).  The touch …