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Janik Coat“Mon hippopotame”(Abrams Appleseed) Hippopposites is beautiful large format board book about which uses a hippo to illustrate concepts of opposites. The format of the book is traditional: each double spread offers a pair of opposites. There are some expected pairing of words (small/large, full/empty) and some rather more unusual ones (opaque/transparent, free/caged) which definitely sets this book apart from many …

0+ board books Lorena Siminovich opposites vegetables

I Like Peas

Lorena Siminovich (Templar Publishing) I Like Peas is one of two new titles from Petit Collage, a touch and feel board book collection from Templar Publishing.  This particular title uses the theme of vegetables and vegetable-growing  to illustrate some simple example of opposites: above-below (carrot), inside-outside (peas), tall-short (corn), big-small (pumpkin), empty-full (vegetable basket).  The touch …

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PatrickGeorge (PatrickGeorge) This new brightly coloured picture book from indie publisher PatrickGeorge has a very self-explanatory title and is therefore all about, well … opposites: in-out, land-sea, empty-full, to name a few. But what could easily be another rather insipid early learning book teaching opposites using a range of flaps and other novelty features turns out to be a visual …