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Olive and the Bad Mood

Tor Freeman (Brubaker, Ford & Friends) Olive is having a bad day, and she is more than happy to share her bad mood with her poor unsuspecting friends who feel the brunt of her caustic mood and put-downs. But even her foul mood is lifted by an unscheduled stop at the sweet shop. When a …

3+ animals Tor Freeman

The Toucan Brothers

Tor Freeman (Macmillan Children’s Books) The Toucan Brothers, Sammy and Paul,  have been dealing with the town’s plumbing issues for many years. For them there is “no job too big, no pipe too small”  Until there is a new plumber on the scene, charismatic Flash Rover, who is faster and cheaper. At first the brothers aren’t worried, trusting their …

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PICTURE BOOK CAROUSEL: A New Arrival in the Family

The prospect of welcoming a new baby in a household is one that fills parents-to-be with joy, and yet also with dread if this is not the first child in the family. Explaining the arrival of a new baby can be tricky, and books always come in very handy in such circumstances. I read a …