Andi Watson
(Walker Books)

Strange things always seem to happen around Glister Butterworth so when a teapot appears, unannounced, on her doorstep, Glister doesn’t batter an eyelid and busies herself making a cup of tea for herself an her rather unorthodox father. But the teapot is haunted and Glister soon finds herself enrolled in fulfilling the ghost’s final wish which seems to involve an awful lot of typing!

Meet a new heroine in the first of this new series which I thoroughly enjoyed. Glister’s world is slightly reminiscent to Ottoline’s in its quirkiness, but holds its own as a truly original and beautiful piece of work. I love the fact that the colour of the cover is also the dominant colour in the drawings (and changes with each volume), as you can see in on this double spread:

The only downside: it is too short, I had read it within 20 minutes! But I look forward to the rest of the series.

This new series of graphic novels is aimed at girls aged 8+ but my son has shown some interest in reading it, DESPITE the pink cover!!!

I have to applaud Walker Books who have worked very hard lately at publishing and promoting graphic novels, a genre that sometimes is seen as not quite as worthy as fiction.

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