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The real pleasure of reading ….

Posted on Mar 3, 2011

… is to be able to share it.

This is the Library Mice offspring, circa February 2008. There have been many of these moments over the years, most of them I have only furtively caught a glimpse of. This one always makes me well up. My son had just learnt to read, and I felt so proud that he felt the urge to read to his sister, to share his gift with her.
A happy thought, for a happy day!

Happy World Book Day everyone!


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    Oh that is just gorgeous 😀

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    that picture is so cute! a great example of world book day!

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    Oh what a sweet photo of the Mice-lets 🙂 I keep meaning to take a similar photo with my Eldest reading to Littlest. So, so cute.

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    It truly is a wonderful moment when kids share the gift of reading with a sibling or friend. I’m so glad you caught the moment and shared it.

    I’m a picture book lover too!

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