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3+ counting Mike Brownlow pirates Simon Rickerty

Ten Little Pirates

Mike Brownlow (text) & Simon Rickerty (illustrations) (Orchard Books) Ten little pirates, sailing out to sea, Looking for adventure as happy as can be. So begins the hugely entertaining pirate romp of ten little pirates who as they go on an adventure across the rocky seas seem to be gradually losing their mateys. Albatrosses, hurricanes, and even …

exercise health Peter Bently Simon Rickerty sport yoga

The Yoga Ogre

Peter Bently (text) & Simon Rickerty (illustrations)(Simon & Schuster Children’s Books) Ogden the greedy Ogre is getting a little bit concerned about his expanding waistline.On the suggestion of some helpful people, Ogden decides to take up sport. But finding the right sport for a big, clumsy ogre isn’t quite as simple as it may sound. Ogden tries …

Fabulous Five illustrators picture books Simon Rickerty

FABULOUS FIVE: Simon Rickerty presents Five Fantastic Quirky Fun Picture Books

Today I am really excited to welcome a new talent in children’s book illustration, Simon Rickerty, to Library Mice for another exciting edition of Fabulous Five. Be prepared for a great selection! Simon Rickerty won his very first award at the age of four (the Bedfordshire under-fives’ Children’s Book Drawing Award!) and has been drawing …

3+ adventure Alan Durant consequences humour jungles picture books Simon Rickerty


Alan Durant (text) & Simon Rickerty (illustrations)(Orchard Books) One bright, sunny day, a boy was walking happily through the jungle whistling.When you are walking through a jungle, some unexpected things can happen. Unfortunately, sometimes they are bad things, like rather scary encounters. Fortunately, sometimes they are good things, like playing tricks on those scary creatures and escaping. But what …