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NNFN 2020 The Planet We Share: From Tiny Seeds

Émilie Vast‘Plantes vagabondes’ translated from French(Thames & Hudson) Subtitled “The amazing story of how plants travel”, this visually stunning book from French creator Émilie Vast illustrates seed dispersal and the role of each featured seed plays in its ecosystem. The book showcases 10 different journeys, from ‘flying’, ‘floating’, to ‘being eaten’ and finally ‘helped by …

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“Big Concepts for Little People”: A National Non-Fiction November guest post by Laura Knowles

November is the month to  celebrate non-fiction, thanks to the Federation of Children’s Book Groups, and this year, the theme is The World Around Us. If you hop over to Twitter and check out the hashtag #NNFN , you will see much appreciation for it there really is.  After years of being-overlooked, considered to be for research purposes …