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A picturebook a week: Dinosaur Roar!

 Henrietta Stickland (text) & Paul Stickland (illustrations) (Doubleday) It is twenty years since  Dinosaur Roar! first hit the shelves and Doubleday are celebrating with a beautiful hardback anniversary edition, published in association with the National History Museum. It is not difficult to see where this picturebook’s enduring success lies: a short rhythmic text full of repetition and a focus on …

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When Titus Took the Train

Anne Cottringer (text) & Sarah McIntyre (illustrations)(Oxford University Press) Titus is going on a train journey all by himself, all the way to “very far way” where his Uncle Henry will be meeting him off the train. But what looks like it might be a long tedious journey turns out be a rather exciting adventure when Titus is …

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Madame Pamplemousse and the Time-Travelling Café

Rupert Kingfisher (text) & Sue Hellard (illustrations)(Bloomsbury) The city of Paris and its treasures (its architecture, shops, cafés and anything remotely old or cultural) are under threat; a new government, with a modernising, terrorising and dictatorial President at its head, is planning to destroy the city and make its inhabitants miserable. Everything remotely pleasant has …