Jack Henderson
(Hodder Children’s Books)

This is not a children’s book in the way that it doesn’t tell a story but little Jack ‘s story is very inspirational indeed and deserves a big mention.
When Jack’s little brother Noah became a regular in-patient at The Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh, Jack (6) decided to that he would draw anything for anyone in return for a small donation to the Sick Kids Friends Foundation. He thought he would raise a little bit of money, but thanks to the popularity of his drawing the target gradually moved from £100 to £500, £1000, £10000, £15000 to £20000. But in fact he is now well on his way to raising £30,000 after drawing over 200 pictures. He has had over 500 requests for pictures.
Jack Draws Anything recalls Jack’s story, putting together some of Jack’s drawings, some photographs and accounts of what has happened to Jack since the beginning of his venture. There is even a whole chapter offering doddle pages for budding artists.

This little book is a lovely discovery as I knew nothing about Jack’s amazing commitment and was awed by this little boy’s determination and devotion ot his little brother as well as the support from his lovely family. Whether you have a child who loves to draw, or you are a parent who has had a child staying in hospital, or you find Jack’s bid to make a difference inspirational, please pick up this book (and with such a cute grin on that cover, who wouldn’t want to?). A share of the profits from the book sales will go to the Sick Kids Friends Foundation.

Jack is no longer accepting requests for pictures, but you can still donate here.

Many thanks to Hodder Children’s Books for sending me a review copy of “Jack Draws Anything”.