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3+ Alex T Smith Cinderella fairy tales ladybirds love Paris romance spiders


Alex T. Smith(Scholastic Children’s Books) Ella, the bespectacled ladybird, is forever cleaning up after her two nasty and ungrateful wasp stepsisters Belladonna and Ivy. One day, a famous artist named Pierre in need of inspiration decides to throw a ball in Paris on Valentine’s Day. When the invitation to the Grand Bug Ball lands on the door mat for the wasp sisters,  they are sure …

11+ Carnegie Shortlist 2011 historical fiction Inquisition religion romance Spain Theresa Breslin

Prisoner of the Inquisition

Theresa Breslin (Random House Children’s Books) When young Zarita makes exaggerated accusations against a beggar to her Magistrate father, she cannot foresee that the catastrophic consequences will not only be instant but that they will also resonate for years to come. Her life is changed for ever, and so is the life of the beggar’s son, Saulo, …

11+ Elizabethan England Eve Edwards historical fiction love triangles RHCBA testing 2010 romance

The Other Countess

Eve Edwards(Puffin)1582, England. Ellie, Lady Eleanor Rodriguez of San Jaime, is in possession of a rather undesirable lineage in the Elizabethan Court : her mother, although deceased, was Spanish and therefore Catholic, and her father is a scholas but also a gold-seeking alchemist. Four years previously, they were ran off the estate of the Earl of Dorset after his father wasted his …

relationships romance teen teenagers the luxe


Anna Godbersen(Penguin) I shamelessly admit that I have loved the Luxe series, which follows a group of young upper-class people in New York at the turn of the twentieth-century. It’s all there: the kind, beautiful heroine who is in love with someone she should not; her hateful so-called best friend who stops at nothing to get …