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Jane Ray(Walker Books) Everyone knows the story of Cinderella and her misfortunes. This new pop-up edition is definitely one to treasure. In Cinderella, Jane Ray uses the technique of layered cut papers to create six three-dimensional theatrical scenes, and the result is striking. Her elegant drawings convey the right atmosphere, and the amount of detail in each scene …

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A tradtional Christmas Tale: The Nutcracker

The story of a little girl’s favourite toy coming to life is one that has enchanted children at Christmas time for over one hundred years. Whether it is in book form or on the stage, this is most definitely a Christmassy story. Here are two new adaptations of the tale, one focuses on the ballet version, one …

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Big Book of Nursery Rhymes

Kali Stileman(Doubleday) Every baby should receive a nursery rhyme anthology, whether it is to celebrate their birth, their naming ceremony (or religious equivalent) or their first Christmas. They are an essential part of language development as well as developing an ear and love for rhyme and stories.There are many wonderful nursery rhyme anthologies on the market and …

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BROTHERS GRIMM WEEK (1): Illustrated Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Ruth Brocklehurst & Gillian Doherty (text) & Raffaella Ligi (illustrations)(Usborne) This beautiful cloth-bound edition (part of the Usborne Clothbound Collection) gathers a selection of fifteen tales retold in a language that is easily accessible for newly independent readers, and include the most famous of the Brothers Grimm’s tales, including Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, The …