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5+ James Mayhew Jubilee London queen

Katie in London: Jubilee Edition

James Mayhew (Orchard Books) Katie is visiting London with her grandma and little brother Jack. Everything feels very big and a little scary for Katie, and Grandma needs a little break from walking, they are all glad for the rest in Trafalgar Square. Like most children, Katie and Jack go straight to the majestic bronze lions and  climb …

5+ Alex T Smith circus Claude dogs humour

Claude at the Circus

Alex T. Smith(Hodder Children’s Books) Claude and his best friend Sir Bobblysock are back for a third adventure, hurrah, and of course Claude once again manages to put himself into precarious situations. A perfectly innocent stroll in the park is disturbed with a encounter with some joggers, a frowned-upon nap in the bushes, an unfortunate episode on the golf …

5+ Hansel and Gretel Hansel and Gretel Week in translation orphans step-parents Sybille Shenker witches

HANSEL & GRETEL WEEK (5): Hänsel and Gretel

Brothers Grimm (text) & Sybille Schenker (illustrations)translated from German by Martin West(Minedition) If the Hansel and Gretel Week has allowed me to indulge in my love for fairy tale retellings, it has also allowed me to discover a brand new and unbelievably talented illustrator and her astonishing book: Sybille Schenker’s Hansel and Gretel  is first and …

5+ Anthony Browne depression Hansel and Gretel Hansel and Gretel Week step-parents traditional tales witches

HANSEL & GRETEL WEEK (4): Hansel and Gretel

Anthony Browne(Walker Books) If the other versions of Hansel and Gretel I have presented so far very much had a sense of place, this adaptation by previous Children’s Laureate Anthony Browne conveys a very strong sense of time. First published in 1981, this book depicts rather bleak elements of society at the time: the unemployment, the poverty, possibly …

5+ Hansel and Gretel Hansel and Gretel Week Louise Rowe pop-up books

HANSEL & GRETEL WEEK (3): Hansel & Gretel: a Pop-Up

Louise Rowe(Tango Books) This pop-up version of Hansel and Gretel is so visually stunning that you will find yourself studying the pop-up scenes, taking in the intricate paper engineering and astounding attention to detail and totally forgetting about the text at first. The book only has six pop-up scenes and Louise Rowe has carefully chosen which parts of the story …