We had a fantastic time again this year at the Bath Kids Lit Fest. We are so lucky to be living near such a fantastic event!
This year we saw: Ed Vere, Jeremy Strong. Judith Kerr, Emily Gravett, Clara Vulliamy and Michael Rosen. All very different but very much enjoyed. Judith Kerr was pretty special because it is so rare to hear her speak and Michael Rosen was just special because he is THE man (my son thought he was hilarious). I didn’t see Jeremy Strong but my son enjoyed it too (the queue to get in was HUGE) and Emily Gravett was great (we had seen her before but we are big fans!). Ed Vere and Clara Vulliamy were the most interactive, because they had hands-on activities. Ed made the children (and parents) draw a Mr Big and I was amazed at what my offspring created! Clara made us make little matchbox houses for the Ten Tinies from Little Wish Mouse series: lots of pretty ribbons, tiddle bits and glue: perfect!

Can’t wait until next year!