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5+ Debi Gliori depression dragons

Night Shift

Debi Gliori (Hot Key Books) Some feelings and emotions can be so overwhelming, words can often fail us; and though it might sound corny, sometimes a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. This is never truer than when trying to tackle a subject such as a depression, an illness that, for a start, so many …

3+ bedtime dragons Emily Gravett reading stories toddlers


Emily Gravett(Macmillan Children’s Books) It is nearly bedtime for Cedric the dragon but there is just enough time for a quick story. Unfortunately for his mum, Cedric has a favourite book which he wants read again, and again, and again. When Mum fails to deliver, Cedric goes all tantrumy on her, with incendiary consequences! A new Emily …

3+ adventure bedtime crocodiles dragons knights Owen Davey picture books

Knight Night

Owen Davey(Templar) When it is time for bed, little knights are just like ordinary little boys: this knight might be climbing mountains, fighting monsters and crossing crocodile-crowded rivers, but at the end of this treacherous adventure, he too must brush his teeth and eventually switch off the light. I had loved Owen Davey’s first book, Foxly’s Feast, which was published …