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Picturebook of the Week monthly recap: March

Virginia Wolf Kyo Maclear (text) & Isabelle Arsenault (artwork) (Book Island) Based on Virginia Woolf and her sister Vanessa Bell’s childhood, this  is a superb story of a sister’s fight to help her sibling battle depression, through the power of love and art. The visual metaphors of changing moods are striking, such as the use of …

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Night Shift

Debi Gliori (Hot Key Books) Some feelings and emotions can be so overwhelming, words can often fail us; and though it might sound corny, sometimes a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. This is never truer than when trying to tackle a subject such as a depression, an illness that, for a start, so many …

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HANSEL & GRETEL WEEK (4): Hansel and Gretel

Anthony Browne(Walker Books) If the other versions of Hansel and Gretel I have presented so far very much had a sense of place, this adaptation by previous Children’s Laureate Anthony Browne conveys a very strong sense of time. First published in 1981, this book depicts rather bleak elements of society at the time: the unemployment, the poverty, possibly …