Dragon-loves-penguinDebi Gliori
(Bloomsbury Children’s Books)

When a dragon in search of an egg to look after and an egg in search of a mummy to take care of it come across each other, it looks like the perfect fit. But when the egg finally hatches, the Little One looks rather different to its mummy dragon.  The mummy dragon is not phased but the other dragons aren’t so accepting; against all odds and regardless of obstacles, the most unlikely and loving relationship develops.

Debi Gliori creates timeless stories, stories that can put into words and pictures,  in the most comforting and heart-wrenchingly beautiful way,  feelings that can sometimes be hard to express: how much you love your children, how desperate you are to protect them, how hard it is to let them go. Dragon Loves Penguin is another such gem, focusing on the fact that families come in all shapes and sizes and that true, selfless love has no notion of “difference”.
Gliori’s use of animal characters always makes the sentiment that underpins her books all the more easy to understand for little people, and though Dragon Loves Penguin will be particularly reassuring for those who are members of diverse families, indeed all children and their carers need to read this beautiful story of acceptance and boundless love. It is simply delightful, utterly heartwarming and brimful of hope.

To be noted also is the inspired use of metafiction in the book, which is a great winner with little readers when done well, and it certainly is in this case.

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Source: review copy from publisher

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