latelylilyMicah Player
(Chronicle Books)

Join Lily as she jet-sets across the world with her parents and her beloved toy zebra Zeborah, hopping from country to country.
A real gem for fans of retro-style illustration, Lately Lily is rather gorgeous! It has a simple text particularly suitable for newly independent readers, but will work well as a read-aloud as well. Its strength definitely is the artwork however, which is bright and bold; its portrayal of the many sights and cultures Lily encounters while on her travels will hopefully initiate conversations about different countries and encourage young readers to find out more. A real plus in this book also is Lily’s love for writing, whether it is her travel journal or letters, which will hopefully inspire young readers to give it a try as well. The subtle message that there is no place quite like home brings a satisfying end to the story. It is definitely worth looking into this book for the artwork alone. See for yourself:


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Source: review copy from publisher