Yesterday we were lucky enough to go and see Penguin, the stage adaptation of Polly Dunbar’s wonderful story. Produced by Long Nose Puppets, in which Polly Dunbar is involved, the show brings to life the story of Ben and his new friend with the help of the most gorgeous puppets. There is some fantastic music (CDs are on sale at the end of the performances), some lovely projection effects (I particularly enjoyed the way this was used to recreate Penguin’s “talk” at the end of the story), a really funny narrator (Larry Long Nose!), and the cuddliest-looking man-size blue lion.
© Long Nose Puppets
If you can catch a performance, do not miss it!!! For a list of dates, see here.
If you are not yet familiar with Polly Dunbar’s award-winning story of friendship and loyalty, GO AND READ IT NOW!
For more information on Polly Dunbar’s work, see here.