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3+ A Picturebook A Week Africa Alex T Smith fractured fairy tales Little Red Riding Hood

A picture book a week: Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion

Alex T Smith (Scholastic Children’s Books) Alex T Smith takes the fractured fairy tale genre to a whole new level of ingenuity with this brilliantly executed version of Little Red Riding Hood. When Little Red sets off to visit her poorly auntie Rosie, she meets many friendly animals, until  the Lion appears on her path. He …

5+ cold war Tom Clohosy Cole

The Wall

Tom Clohosy Cole (Templar Publishing) Today is the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a day that many of us remember vividly. Wall tells the story of a family torn apart when, overnight, the Wall is made, with the Father stranded in the West while the rest of the family remains in …

3+ French Friday wolves

I Am The Wolf … and Here I Come!

Bénédicte Guettier (Gecko Press) Je m’habille et … je te croque, translated from the French by Pénélope Todd Guettier was a big presence in my children’s early experiences with books and it is a pleasure to see her translated into English. Inspired by the French comptine (song/nursery rhyme)  Promenons-nous dans les bois (you will plenty of  renditions of …

0+ blog tours Eric Hill

BLOG TOUR: Where’s Spot?

Eric Hill (Frederick Warne) Eric Hill’s much-loved Where’s Spot? is fast approaching its 35 years and has lost none of its charm and appeal.  Are there any toddlers out there who have not been delighted by this mischievous little dog’s best ever hide-and-seek hideaway and his mother’s resulting quest to find him?  There are few books …